Never before have so many great guitars been available at such unprecedented prices.

It’s no secret that we are living in an unprecedented time of guitar playing, and affordable guitars.

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Guitar Glissando

A few years ago I was at my local Guitar Center, checking some acoustic guitars.

There was an older couple there, sort of wandering around, looking kind of lost.

Turns out, they were looking for a guitar for their grandson, but none of the employees were helping them.

Out of desperation more than anything, the lady asked me what the guitars were.

I explained, slightly annoyed because she’d interrupted my playing, that those were acoustics, and the ones over there were classical.

She then looked at me, and hesitantly asked, “Well, which one is better?”

That’s when I realized they were out of their element and needed help.

I explained that it wasn’t about better, but about different.

I did my best to help them, but I’m not sure I did the greatest of jobs since they left without buying anything.

Since then, I’ve made it my mission to help people who are interested in the guitar, but don’t know what to buy.

When buying a guitar, especially online, a whole lot of questions will arise.

Did you make the right choice? Is it the right one for you?

We’re constantly doing exhaustive research, and comparing different models, and various features to find the best guitars available

Never again will you have to worry about buying the wrong guitar!

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P.S. A lot of people have asked me what glissando is.

What is guitar glissando?

The dictionary defines it as, “a rapid sliding up or down the musical scale.”