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Good Beginner Acoustic Guitar Strings

Are you still looking for a set of good beginner acoustic guitar strings?

Finding the right acoustic guitar strings for beginners can be confusing.

For beginners, it’s often best to start with a lighter gauge of guitar strings since they’re easier to play.

If you want the traditional acoustic guitar sound, you’ll want phosphor bronze strings.

But! Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different strings from different manufacturers.

You might find that 80/20 bronze is more to your liking or that one brand is easier on your fingers than another.

If you’re just starting, here are the ones we think are the best.

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Good Beginner Acoustic Guitar Strings: Best Overall

D’Addario EJ15 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Good Beginner Acoustic Guitar Strings: D'Addario EJ15 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
D’Addario EJ15 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

If you’re looking for a set of good beginner acoustic guitar strings that create well-balanced tones, are easy for beginners to play, and have a premium quality build, then check out the D’Addario EJ15 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

  • Gauge: 10-13-23-30-39-47
  • Wrap Material: Phosphor Bronze

Since these are a set of extra light gauge strings they’re a perfect choice for beginners who are looking for strings that are easy to play.

They are manufactured with high precision to create consistent tones that are well-balanced.

Plus, since they create warm, clear tones they are perfect for beginners looking for the familiar acoustic guitar sound.

Finally, D’Addario strings are designed to be long-lasting and provide excellent tuning stability so they’ll cut down on unnecessary string changes.


  • Lower Tension Strings Are a Great Choice for Beginners 
  • D’addario is one of the Top String Manufacturers


  • Lighter Gauge Strings Sets may not Have as Full or Deep a Sound as Heavier Gauges

The D’Addario EJ15 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings deliver a classic, well-balanced tone that’s perfect for beginners.

We think you’ll find their high production quality and easy playability makes them the best choice for anyone looking for good beginner acoustic guitar strings.

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Good Beginner Acoustic Guitar Strings: Best Budget

Ernie Ball 2150 Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Good Beginner Acoustic Guitar Strings: Ernie Ball 2150 Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar String
Ernie Ball 2150 Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar String

Are you looking for some good beginner acoustic guitar strings that deliver clear, classic tones, are high quality and are easy on your wallet? Then check out the Ernie Ball 2150 Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings.

  • Gauge: 10-14-20W-28-40-50
  • Wrap Material: Phosphor Bronze

These Ernie Ball acoustic guitar strings produce warm, balanced tones that are mellow and clear.

Since they are made of a phosphor bronze wire wrapped around a tin-plated hex steel core they deliver fuller bass notes and brighter treble notes.

Additionally, these strings are very dependable thanks to their hex-shaped core which results in a wire that’s more firmly attached to the core and gives you a more consistent string.

Ernie Ball strings are famous for their smooth playing feel and are designed to reduce finger friction making strings that are ideal for beginner’s fingers.

Finally, these strings deliver a warm, rich, and consistent tone thanks to Ernie Ball’s more than 50 years of making guitar strings using materials of the highest quality.


  • Element Shield Packaging Prolongs String Life and Keeps Strings Fresh
  • Crafted in the USA


  • Some Guitarists Don’t Prefer an Unwound 3rd String

The Ernie Ball 2150 Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings deliver clear, warm tones and are easy on beginner’s fingers.

We think you’ll agree that their high-quality production and pleasing sounds make them a good set of beginner acoustic guitar strings that are perfect for a beginner on a budget.

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Good Beginner Acoustic Guitar Strings: Best Runner-Up

Martin MA175 Authentic Acoustic Superior Performance 80/20 Bronze Guitar Strings

Good Beginner Acoustic Guitar Strings: Martin MA175 Authentic Acoustic Superior Performance 80/20 Bronze Guitar Strings
Martin MA175 Authentic Acoustic Superior Performance 80/20 Bronze Guitar Strings

Are you interested in a set of good beginner acoustic guitar strings that deliver a fuller bass sound, high-quality design, and are perfect for beginners looking for a more folksy tone? Then check out the Martin MA175 Authentic Acoustic Superior Performance 80/20 Bronze Guitar Strings.

  • Gauge: 11-15-23-32-42-52
  • Wrap Material: 80/20 Bronze

These strings are a custom light gauge set so they are easier on beginners’ fingers and produce fuller lower-end sounds thanks to the thicker gauge bottom strings.

Since they have a bronze wrap they produce a much brighter and crisper sound and are designed to deliver clear and responsive tones.

They’re made from high-quality materials with a tin-plated core wire so they are very durable and deliver a longer string life.

Designed to have a higher tensile strength, these strings give you increased tuning stability and a quicker response making them a great choice for beginners.

Finally, Martin performs exacting quality tests to ensure their strings are high-quality and produce a consistent tone.


  • Great Choice for Guitarists Looking for a More Vintage, Folksy Sound


  • 80/20 Bronze Strings can Often Sound too Jangly and Bright

Martin has incredibly high standards for acoustic guitar tones and that’s reflected in the quality of their strings.

We think you’ll find the Martin MA175 Authentic Acoustic Superior Performance 80/20 Bronze Guitar Strings

are a set of good beginner acoustic guitar strings that deliver a consistent sound that’s bright and folksy.

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Good Beginner Acoustic Guitar Strings: Things to Consider Before Buying

What brand of acoustic guitar strings should I start with? 

The quality of the strings you start with doesn’t matter as much as you think. 

Over time, you’ll understand how your guitar sounds and come to know you’re preferences. 

You may decide you like the way your guitar sounds with 80/20 strings in an ultra-light gauge, for instance. 


Now you can focus on different brands of guitar strings. 

If you don’t yet know the difference between how one brand or style of strings will sound over another, then you can feel free to start just about anywhere. 

Caution should be taken when trying very low-cost or no-name strings you see on eBay and Amazon. 

Oftentimes these strings have very low quality and don’t sound good or feel great on your fingers. 

You won’t damage your guitar by putting them on it but you also won’t enjoy playing them. 

It doesn’t pay to skimp when it comes to acoustic guitar strings. 

How do I know if I’m using good acoustic guitar strings? 

A pleasing sound lets you know if you’re using good acoustic guitar strings. 

The tone they make will be one you like to hear. 

 Also, the texture of the strings should be easy on your fingers. 

The price should also be something you’re comfortable with. 

If you find you enjoy expensive acoustic guitar strings, they may be good. 

But they may not be the right ones for you. 

If you’re buying acoustic guitar strings every 6 weeks, you may find you’re spending a lot every time. 

In that case, try some lesser-priced acoustic guitar strings. 

You’re sure to find ones that still sound good but cost less. 

How long will good acoustic guitar strings last? 

Depending on how often you play, the dirt and dust in the air, and the oils on your hand, your acoustic guitar strings will start to degrade. 

As time goes on you’ll notice they don’t sound as bright or as full. 

They can also start to smell like pennies. 

If you’re experiencing any of these, it’s time to change your guitar strings. 

It can take a while to reach this point if you don’t play very often. 

If you play a lot you can reach this point sooner. 

That’s why it’s difficult to guesstimate how long acoustic guitar strings will last. 

Professional guitarists on tour often change their strings every time they play. 

This will be overkill for you but if you’re playing every day you might want to change your strings every month. 

Why is it important to try different acoustic guitar strings? 

The feel of acoustic guitar strings seems to vary from person to person. 

Finding the right acoustic guitar strings with the right playability will make playing easier. 

Having the “right” strings on your guitar results in a sense of joy. 

The right strings get out of your way and help make playing feel effortless. 

If the strings have a rough feel, for instance, this will hamper your playing. 

If you don’t feel they last long enough or if they don’t have the right tone, they’re the wrong strings for you. 

But you’ll only know this after you try different acoustic guitar strings out. 

A good idea might be to buy a few different sets and keep each set on your guitar for one month. 

That’s a long enough time to familiarize yourself with your strings and to discover whether you like the feel. 

Do I need to find my preferred acoustic guitar strings? 

You need to find your preferred acoustic guitar strings because then you have a solid baseline. 

Once you can say, “I like these strings the best” then you always have something to compare new strings to. 

A solid understanding of how your preferred strings feel, sound, and last will let you compare strings much easier. 

This way, if you change brands or buy a new guitar you’ll know what to expect. 

Plus, you always have a default “go to” when you buy new strings. 

You won’t need to think about or compare you can just buy the same brand and gauge over and over. 

Plus, if you try a different brand or gauge, you’ll already be familiar enough with your standard brand to know if you like your new strings better or not. 

Is it important to experiment? 

Finding a sound you like takes a bit of experimentation. 

Beginners need to experiment and try different strings, picks, and techniques. 

This may seem kind of obvious since it’s not a new idea. 

Playing different types of music makes a fun and easy way to experiment. 

You may discover all kinds of things playing heavy metal on an acoustic. 

Or maybe you’ll find you’re into a type of music you’d never dreamt of. 

It’s important to experiment not just to discover but because it also makes you a better player. 

By trying new styles of music on your guitar you can “steal” tricks and techniques and make them your own. 

You may even discover you enjoy the sounds of chords and styles on your acoustic guitar better than you like them on an electric. 

How do I find the right acoustic guitar strings for me? 

Trial and error seem to be the best way to find the right acoustic guitar strings. 

You must test out different brands and different types so you can compare and contrast. 

One set of strings might sound better on your guitar than on mine. 

It’s also important to think about the tone you’re looking for. 

Phosphor bronze strings have a great acoustic guitar tone and come on many new acoustic guitars. 

But if you’re not happy with their sound, you might want to try 80/20 bronze strings. 

They have a brighter, much crisper sound. 

But then, what about two different brands? 

One brand of strings may be easier for you to play than another. 

The difference between the two brands won’t be obvious until you’ve tried both of them. 

Is there one type of acoustic guitar string that’s best for a beginner? 

It’s easier for beginners to learn using a light gauge set of acoustic guitar strings. 

They’ll give you an opportunity to build hand and finger strength and still give a decent tone. 

Once you’ve got some experience you may want to move up to a higher gauge. 

Lighter gauge strings may not have as deep or as full a tone. 

But as a beginner, it’s worth making the trade-off between tone and easy playability. 

Since light gauge strings have a lower tension they’re a lot easier on your fingers. 

Then once you’ve become accustomed to the sound of light gauge strings you can compare the tone to a higher gauge set. 

You may find you don’t hear a big difference, in which case you can keep playing light gauge strings. 

For a beginner, it’s a good way to start learning with very little effort. 

Good Beginner Acoustic Guitar Strings: Conclusion

Finding good beginner acoustic guitar strings can be easy.

But finding the right strings for you will take some effort.

It takes a bit of time and energy to find them.

You’ve gotta be willing to try different things and give yourself time to understand how the strings sound.

At the end of the day, it’s very much worth the effort.

Once you’ve been through the process you’ll understand why it took so long.

But it will take some experimentation.

You’ve gotta give the strings a chance to break in and for you to understand them.

Once you’ve found your strings, it might be one of the hills you’re willing to die on.

Lots of guitarists swear by one brand of strings or refuse to use another.

But they’ve only gotten to this point after a lot of experimentation and being willing to try new strings.

Don’t let your search for the perfect acoustic guitar strings stop you from playing.

Good Beginner Acoustic Guitar Strings: FAQ

  • Why are lighter gauge strings often a good choice for beginners?

Learning to play acoustic guitar can be made a bit easier by using a lighter gauge set of strings.

This gives beginners a chance to strengthen their hands while still having a pleasing tone.

Since the light gauge strings are at a lower tension, playing them takes less effort.

Drawbacks can include a less full or deep sound since the lighter gauge strings are thinner and don’t create as much low-end as standard strings.

Having said that, there’s no reason a beginner won’t be happy with the sound of lighter gauge strings.

Beginners can move up to a thicker set of strings when they’re ready.

Really, it’s about getting beginners started with a good sound and a set of strings that will be easier for them to play.

If they have a consistent tone and are well made, they are a good choice for beginners to try.

  • Are phosphor bronze strings a good choice for beginners?

The classic acoustic guitar sound is usually due to phosphor bronze strings.

Beginners often associate this sound with the acoustic guitar and expect it when they start playing.

If they’re using 80/20 bronze-wrapped strings, they’ll get a janglier, folk guitar sound.

It can confuse beginners because their guitar playing doesn’t sound “right.”

This is why it’s a good idea to start with phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings.

Unless you’re specifically looking for that vintage, old-style guitar sound that’s bright and crisp, you’ll want phosphor bronze strings.

Don’t let that stop you from experimenting.

If you have a guitar that you don’t like the sound of, try some 80/20 strings on it.

It may change the of that guitar to one you really like.

Also, remember that people can only give you recommendations based on their experiences.

You always want to keep an open mind since that’s how you’ll discover your style and sound.

  • How will I know if these strings are the right ones for me?

Time spent playing is the best way to familiarize yourself with the sound of your new guitar strings.

New strings often need some time to “break in” and mellow out to their natural tone.

This only happens if you play them since the process of playing stretches them out and lets them relax into their natural state.

Plus, you need to spend time playing your new strings in order to discover if they’re the right ones for you.

If you buy new acoustic guitar strings and don’t like the tone right out of the box, it may be because you haven’t played them enough.

After a while, you’ll become familiar with their sound and be able to distinguish between different brands of strings.

It’s often a subtle thing, having to do with feel and playing style, but it’s a real thing guitarists experience.

It’s why guitarists have their favorite set of strings and won’t use other brands.

Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you’ve found your favorite set of strings.

  • What guitar strings should beginners use?

If you’re playing acoustic guitar, you should start with a lighter gauge of phosphor bronze strings.

They’ll be a bit easier for you to play and have the classic guitar tone you’re looking for.

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